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CADI was founded in 2010 to address a big gap in the fight against global poverty–many of the most promising interventions are either implemented at a very small scale, or not at all. We set out to address this gap by building programs that would scale evidence-based and cost-effective interventions, leading to significant improvements in quality of life for hundreds of millions of people.

Our goal is to double our impact by 2023, to fulfill our vision of a world where hundreds of millions of people in the poorest places have better opportunities and their lives are measurably improved. We believe in bold and urgent action – because poverty doesn’t wait, and neither should we

Our ultimate goal is that the evidence we generate is used to improve the lives of the global poor. This means we must move from simple partnerships to an ongoing learning process. At CADI, we work closely with decision-makers to create evidence that helps close the gap between academia and politics throughout the life cycle of a study and beyond. We support our partners in improving their data and evidence capacities and provide technical assistance to scale and monitor effective programs.

CADI exists to solve this problem. We test promising ideas across contexts and along the path to scale, proactively engage key decision-makers throughout the research process, share findings with the right people at the right time, and equip partners with the skills and tools they need to co-create and use data and evidence. Our vision? A world with more evidence and less poverty.



We also help farmers grow and produce more crops. A few simple steps can make farms far more productive.

First, farmers need quality farm products, like seed and proper soil nutrients. Second, they need access to best practices on planting and caring for crops that are well-suited to their land. Finally, they need to store their harvest safely and sell it at a profit.


We believe that sustainable impact starts with local leadership, that’s why we’re a community-led organization dedicated to advancing the economic and personal development of women and children in African community through greater access to education and other life-changing resources.

Because Of You The Hungry Will Be Fed, Education Will Be Sponsored, Clean Water And Healthcare Will Be Accessible.
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CADI Was Founded In 2010 To Address A Big Gap In The Fight Against Global Poverty–Many Of The Most Promising Interventions Are Either Implemented At A Very Small Scale, Or Not At All. We Set Out To Address This Gap By Building Programs That Would Scale Evidence-Based And Cost-Effective Interventions, Leading To Significant Improvements In Quality Of Life For Hundreds Of Millions Of People.

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